Spring Lecture Series

Great Moments in Polar Exploration

  Sundays: March 13, March 20, April 3, and April 10 from 2-4 pm

Professor Dan Breen is back. This year’s lectures cover the many great moments in polar exploration. The history of polar exploration is filled with stories of courage and endurance, as well as triumph and tragedy, that continue to intrigue us today. Dan will reveal the little known facts and nuggets of information that we expect from his lectures.

This year will be a bit different than in past years. We are offering a ‘hybrid’ format. Limited seating for 40 people and the use of the meeting OWL for those who wish to join us ‘virtually’ through Zoom.

Patrons interested in joining us ‘live’ will need to register. Please sign up online . Registration for the first lecture begins on March 4th.  Complete the registration form and be sure to enter the total number of people in your party that will attend that day. We will need to have a contact phone and email in case of a cancelation of the weekly lecture. On the day of the lecture, check-in begins at 1:45 pm at the Meeting Room door. NOTE: You will need to sign up each week you wish to attend in person.

Patrons interested in joining us ‘live’ will need to register for each week separately.
Please sign up online according to the schedule below:

Lecture 1: March 13                           Sign up online now


Lecture 2: March 20                           Sign up beginning March 11

Lecture 3: April 3                                Sign up beginng March 25

Lecture 4: April 10                              Sign Up beginning April 1

Couldn’t sign up in time or don’t feel comfortable quite yet in a crowd?
Join us ‘virtually’ with Zoom  https://us06web.zoom.us/j/82445199921
Meeting ID: 824 4519 992
Dr. Daniel Breen is a professor of Legal Studies at Brandeis University. In the past fifteen years,   Dr. Breen has a BA from the University of Wisconsin,  a JD from the University of Georgia and a PhD in History from Boston College. He has taught at Framingham State University and Newbury College. 
Winter Lecture Series Programs:  (All with Professor Daniel Breen)
2006 World War I
2007 The Great Depression
2008 World War 2 Part 1
2009 World War 2 Part 2
2010 The Civil War Part 1
2011 The Civil War Part 2
2012 Prohibition
2013 Landmark Supreme Court Decisions
2014 Modern Chinese History
2015 Great Moments in Science: A Tale of Six Countries
2016 The Roosevelts:  An Intimate History
2017 Little Known Presidential Elections in American History
2018 Getting to the Moon: American Space Exploration 1945-1969
2019 The Hundred Years War: A Century of Native American Resistance 1790-1890
2020 History of the U.S. in Six Songs
2021 Five Real Life Murder Cases
2022 Great Moments in Polar Exploration – Artic

 Thanks to the Friends of the Bedford Free Public Library for sponsoring this program. Free and open to the public.

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