Bedford by the Book

Out-of-copyright books about Bedford, MA

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Brown’s History

History of the town of Bedford (1891)

by Abram English Brown

with “Genealogical register”

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Other Histories

“Bedford” (1880)

by Josiah A. Stearns

in History of Middlesex County: Volume I

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“Historical Discourse” (1879)

by Jonathan F. Stearns

in Bedford Sesqui-centennial celebration

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with “A sketch of the celebration”

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“History of Bedford” (1835)

by Lemuel Shattuck

in A history of the town of Concord

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Brief Histories

“Bedford” (1927)

by Edwin P. Conklin

in Middlesex County and its people: Volume II

“Dismemberment” [excerpt] (1883)

by Henry A. Hazen

in History of Billerica

Brown’s Legends

“Through the old burial-ground” (1896)

by Abram English Brown

in Beneath old roof trees

Glimpses of old New England life [1892]

by Abram English Brown

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Brown’s Descriptions

“Footprints of the patriots” (1896)

by Abram English Brown

in Beneath old roof trees

“Governor Winthrop’s farm” (1892)

by Abram English Brown

in The New England magazine: Volume VI

Other Descriptions

“From Beverly to Uxbridge” [excerpt] (1937)

by the Federal Writers’ Project

in Massachusetts: a guide to its places

“Boston to Groton and Ashby” [excerpt] (1917)

by Porter E. Sargent [pub.]

in A handbook of New England

“Bedford” (1908)

by William Richard Cutter [ed.]

in Historic homes and places: Volume I

“Bedford” (1903)

by Katharine M. Abbott

in Old paths and legends of New England

“Concord, by way of Bedford” [excerpt] (1898)

by Edwin M. Bacon

in Walks and rides in the country

“Bedford” (1897)

by J. W. Freese

in Historic houses and spots

“Bedford” (1890)

by Elias Nason; revised by George J. Varney

in A gazetteer . . . of Massachusetts

“Bedford” (1874)

by Elias Nason

in A gazetteer . . . of Massachusetts

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