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MAY 12 – JULY 14, 2022

GROUNDED: Landscape Explorations in Wax

Artworks by Carol Krauss, Tracy Spadafora and Sarah Springer


CAROL KRAUSS:  I use my art to capture the memories of place and peace, of history and stories, of time and timelessness.  Creating art allows me to process the elements and symbols of my life, such as water and light both literally and figuratively, that run throughout most of my work.  Water is symbolic of many elements of our lives from birth to death.  Calm and soothing or powerful and dangerous.  We need water for life, but water also takes life away.  The same is true of light.  Warm and soft or cold and harsh.  Necessary for life; its absence defines death.

TRACY SPADAFORA:  My current bodies of work, the DNA series, and Evolve series, speak to issues of environmental concern, such as global warming and genetic food modification. In the DNA series I use DNA sequences as a base layer to provide both visual patterning and symbolic reference. The images layered on top of the code offer an open narrative. The paintings and constructions are built on visual and symbolic associations, and the obscuring, deconstructing, and preserving of images in wax helps me to address a complex and shifting relationship between man, his biological roots, and the shaping of our natural environment. The Evolve series departs from the more cognitive aspects of my work and employs the organic and playful nature of wax to render dramatic, mysterious, and meditative landscapes.

SARAH SPRINGER:  My life as an artist is divided into two very different and yet highly related sides, as a sculptor/painter, and as a commercial interior designer. The fields are mutually beneficial and enriching… my Interiors work has a very sculptural aspect, and my art is enhanced by years of thought about color, material and texture. In recent years I have become particularly enamored with encaustic (hot wax) for the inherent sculptural and expressive qualities of the material, in particular the skin-like tactility of the surface, whether smooth, pitted, scarred or molded, and the soft glowing translucency of the built-up layers.

This exhibit would not be possible without assistance from the Arts Steering Committee with additional support from the Friends of the Bedford Free Public Library.

The public is invited to view the exhibit during regular library hours.

Community Art Wall Exhibit

Artworks by Kaylyn Sethakosee


Kaylyn is a sophomore student and artist attending Bedford High School in Bedford, MA. She expresses herself through different types of media including acrylic paint, watercolor, and photography. Her facial depictions and cityscapes come from her imagination, which is largely inspired by reading books from the Bedford Free Public Library, while her nature works are influenced by Bob Ross. Her work is meant to evoke a divergence in perception, whether it be bewilderment, curiosity, warmth, or more.

The Community Art Wall is located opposite the entrance to the Children’s Room.

The Library offers exhibit space for emerging artists on the wall across from the Children’s Room.   We encourage students to apply. Each exhibit generally is up for two months, though there is some flexibility in dates.  If you are interested in showing your work, please contact Library Director Richard Callaghan [email protected] 781-275-9440.
All work submitted must be original and not previously shown at the Bedford Free Public Library.

Arts Steering Committee

Jean Hammond
Astrid Reischwitz
Carol Rissman

Exhibit Hours :

Monday-Thursday 9-9
Friday 9-6
Saturday 9-5
Sundays 1-5
(closed Sundays from May through Labor Day)
Special thanks…The exhibits and the receptions are sponsored by the Arts Steering Committee, the Friends of the Library and the Bedford Free Public Library.