Computers and Wi-Fi

Iwoman-looking-down-and-working-on-laptopnternet Access

We provide free Wi-Fi via our “BFPL-Wireless” network.
All of our public computers offer wired Internet access.

Public Computers

We provide a number of free-to-use desktops: six near Reference, four more in our Teen Area, and two more in our Children’s Room. Our desktops all have Microsoft Office.
Patrons are limited to 3 hours of computer use per day.

Note: Our desktops shut down 10 minutes before close!

We also provide several laptop PCs for use inside the building.
Laptops may be borrowed and used for up to 4 hours per day.


Printing is available from every one of our free-to-use desktop computers.
Single-sided printing is $0.10/sheet. Double-sided printing is $0.15/sheet.
Every user gets $1.00 of free printing each day! Payment is by cash only.


Visitors may scan materials to a USB flash drive or email account for free!
Our public scanner is across from our Reference Desk (on the 2nd floor).

Public Copier

A public copier is located near our Mudge Way entrance (on the 2nd floor).
Single-sided copies are $0.15/sheet. Double-sided copies are $0.30/sheet.

Fax Machine

A public fax is also located near our Mudge Way entrance (on the 2nd floor).

Note: This fax machine can only send messages; it cannot receive them!

Faxing within the US is $1.75 for the first page and $1.00/page thereafter.
International faxes are $3.95 for the first page and $3.45/page thereafter.
Payment is by credit (or debit) only.  Feel free to call with any questions!