Computers and Wi-Fi

Iwoman-looking-down-and-working-on-laptopnternet Access

Our free Wi-Fi network: BFPL_Wireless. No password.

Internet access is also available at all of our public computers.

Public Computers

We provide a number of free-to-use desktops: six near Reference, four more in our Teen Area, and two more in our Children’s Room. Our desktops all have Microsoft Office.
Patrons are limited to 3 hours of computer use per day.

Note: Our desktops shut down 10 minutes before close!

We provide Chromebooks for use inside the building. They may be borrowed and used for up to 4 hours/day; they may also be renewed twice — for a total of up to 12 hours — if no one else is waiting.

Public Printing

B&W printing is available from all of our public computers.
Please print only what you need using our Honor Printing.

B&W and color printing are available via laptop, mobile device, or email.
Go to Princh and use code 104131. B&W: $0.10/page. Color: $0.25/page.
These prints are picked up near our Circulation Desk (on the 1st floor).

Scan Station

Our scan station offers scanning, copying, and faxing.
It’s across from the Reference Desk (on the 2nd floor).


Scan to a USB drive or email account for free!


B&W is $0.10/page. Color is $0.25/page.
Payment is by debit or credit card only.


Faxes (sent domestically) are $1.00/page.
Payment is by debit or credit card only.