Art Exhibits

Art empowers learning

March 6 – May 11, 2023

Artists chosen for exhibit by Juror Jane Deering

Rita Maria Ake: The Tree in the Darkness

Judi Babcock : Cranberry Bog 2

Peter Bain: Spring on Hancock Street

Bob Bass: Maple Samura

Marcia Bushnel: The Yazidi Women Sold into Slavery by ISIS

Florence Como: Colorful Bouquet

Frances Grandinetti: Dots and Dogwood

Maria Green: A Maine Moment

Brian Guay: Circle of Life

Sirarpi Heghinian-Walzer: Composition 2

Kelly Heim: Rainbow Trout

Ellen Hurley: Rose Trio

Calla Kahan-Fagan: Stoneware plate

Kati Oates: Misty Morning

Navyasree Patnam: Pair of Glasses

Taline Saatjian: My morning Coffee

Taline Saatjian: Feather Leaves

Pip Shepley: Pére Lachaise

Namirata Siviya: Endless Scroll

Alexander Slanda: Get In

Stanislaw Slanda: Battle

Doris Smith: Contemplation

Susan St. Maurice: Five

Gail Terrell: Summer Tanager family

Dan Vlahos: Jarrett’s Take on Solar (1 of 2)

Dan Vlahos: Jarrett’s Take on Solar (2 of 2)

Martha Wakefield: Swirl into Dusk

Laura Wallace: Free Flight

PLEASE NOTE: All other artists not chosen for exhibit, please pick up artwork, Monday, March 6 from 12-1 pm or 7-8 pm.

This exhibit would not be possible without assistance from the Friends of the Bedford Free Public Library.

The public is invited to view the exhibit during regular library hours.



Guidelines and entry forms

Community Art Wall

The Library offers exhibit space for emerging artists on the wall across from the Children’s Room.   We encourage students to apply. Each exhibit generally is up for two months, though there is some flexibility in dates.  If you are interested in showing your work, please contact Library Director Richard Callaghan [email protected] 781-275-9440.
All work submitted must be original and not previously shown at the Bedford Free Public Library.

Arts Steering Committee

Jean Hammond
Astrid Reischwitz
Carol Rissman

Exhibit Hours :

Monday-Thursday 9-9
Friday 9-6
Saturday 9-5
Sundays Closed

Special thanks…The exhibits and the receptions are sponsored by the Arts Steering Committee, the Friends of the Library and the Bedford Free Public Library.