The Economic Response to Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Wednesday, February 28th 7:00—8:00 PM Online

Author and professor Christine Abely will discuss her brand new book, “The Russia Sanctions: The Economic Response to Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine”. Learn about the international trade measures and sanctions deployed against Russia in response to its 2022 invasion of Ukraine. Explore how sanctions have affected, and will continue to affect, global trading patterns, financial integration, and foreign policy in novel ways. In particular, examine the effects of sanctions on energy, food, fertilizer, the financial system, and the global use of the US dollar, including trends of de-dollarization. Understand the steps that must be taken to make sanctions more effective by promoting financial transparency worldwide. Christine Abely is an assistant professor at New England Law in Boston. She previously practiced international trade and sanctions law and is a licensed customs broker. Her work has appeared in The Hill, Just Security, and numerous academic journals.

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In partnership with the Tewksbury Public Library and several other Massachusetts libraries.

Author: rcallaghan