Discovering New Teen Books

Even though the library building is closed to the public, we are always ordering more books and materials! And we know it’s hard not to be able to browse the shelves, but there are a few options to help.

New Teen Books – Check out our page of new teen books that is updated frequently. This is just a selection of new items, so if you don’t see something there, that doesn’t mean we don’t have it!

Personalized Reading Lists – Don’t know what to pick? We’re happy to help! Tell us what kinds of things you’re looking for and what you’ve enjoyed in the past, and we’ll pick out some titles for you within a week!

Booklists – When you need more inspiration to choose a book, check out our page of booklists. Click the arrow on the right of the booklist name to see the titles, including links to our catalog!

Author: paghababian