Peeps Diorama Winners

What a wonderful year for Peeps dioramas! We had fewer entries than in the past, but the quality and workmanship were through the roof! Everyone who participated should be very proud of what they’ve done – not only of the dioramas that they built, but also the smiles they have brought to our community.

Peeple’s Choice Award

The diorama with the most votes overall is Friends – The One Where They Go To Central Peep! 

Best in Class Grades – K-5

Do You Hear the PEEPle Sing?

Best in Class – Grades 6-12

Stranger Things: The Peepside Down

Best in Class – Adult/Family

We All Need A Little Mr. Rogers Right Now

Bragging Rights – Staff

We’re Off to See the Wizard

You can view the rest of the dioramas here.

Author: paghababian