Eclipse Guide

solar eclipse

While the library will not be giving away eclipse glasses on the big day, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the upcoming solar eclipse!

Finding Glasses

If you really want the glasses, try Lowe’s or Ace Hardware.  Moison Ace in Bedford does not have any.

Any glasses you buy need to be marked with ISO 12312-2 to show that they comply with international safety standards.  Check here to make sure your glasses come from a safe company

Alternatives to Glasses

Make your own pinhole viewer!  They’re easy peasy if you have a piece of stiff paper and a needle or pin.  Poke a hole, then use the paper to cast a shadow on the ground or on another piece of paper.  Watch the shadow show the moon crossing in front of the sun.  (Don’t look through the paper at the sun.)

Look at the shadows of a tree on the ground.  The leaves create their own tiny pinholes as they overlap, and you can see the sun’s shape change in each leaf shadow.

Use a colander.  If your colander has small holes, it will act like a pinhole viewer!  Watch the shadows change on the ground.

Check out for more tips and for tons of pictures after the eclipse.

Safety First

And always remember: never look directly at the sun without ISO 12312-2 certified eyewear.  Sunglasses–even polarized sunglasses–are not enough to protect your eyes from the intense light and UV radiation.

Author: Bedford Free Public Library