Stuffed Animal Sleepover-July 20, 2017

We had lots of fun at the sleepover,

but we were happy to go home again!

Here are some pictures of what we did:

Tucked in after storytime…Will we go right to sleep?  (No!  We have a whole library to explore!)

We all fit  inside  the elevator to go to visit the bees!

The bears wished they could taste the Bedford

Bees’ honey.

Turtle gave us rides!

Our other turtle, Murphy, was happy to make new friends.

Someone is hiding behind a book! Playing Hide-and-go-seek was a great way  to see the whole library!

Duckie covers her eyes so Army Bear can hide.

Murphy the turtle is glad to have company overnight!

We wish we could go swimming!

We learned about our cousins!

We tried to leave, but changed our minds!

Playing games with new friends

This is our favorite book!

It’s great to make new friends at the library!

We won’t let the pigeon drive the bus!!! Mo Willems is so funny!

Pillow fight!

We wanted to ride in the elevator again!

Lining up to wash up after the midnight feast!

Sloth pretended to talk to her friend.

Baby enjoyed a drink of water,

Eeyore and Piglet think this is a roller coaster!

One last story before we go home!


See you next time!

Author: Bedford Free Public Library