May TAG Events

TAG is a weekly program for everyone in grades 6-12, Wednesdays starting at 1:30 PM. There is no registration needed – just drop in with your friends! We have different snacks and activities every week.

5/3 Beanboozled

Lawn Clippings or Lime? Booger or Juicy Pear? Which jelly bean will you get? (We’ll also have regular jelly beans for the less adventurous.)

5/10 Friendship Bracelets

Create colorful bracelets to share with friends this summer.

5/17 Movie: Labyrinth

Sarah wishes the Goblin King would take away her annoying little brother, but when he does, she must find her way through the Labyrinth to retrieve him.

5/24 Ice Cream Taste Test

Who has the best chocolate and vanilla ice cream around? This blind taste test will determine a winner!

5/31 Giant Games on the Lawn

Say goodbye to TAG for the year with giant games and snacks on the lawn.

Author: paghababian