Lap Loom

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What is it? The Harrisville Lap Loom is a portable, hardwood frame for weaving.

Who is it for? This loom is recommended for ages 7+.

What is included? 1 Loom Frame, 1 Instruction Booklet, 1 Tapestry Needle, 2 Shed Sticks, 2 Stick Shuttles + 1 Mosaic Design Sheet

How does it work? Use your own yarn and follow the instructions to set up the loom and begin weaving.  The loom can be used while resting on a table, the floor, or your lap.

The Fine Print
The loom can be borrowed for 1 week. Two renewals are permitted, provided there are no reserves waiting. Only Bedford residents are permitted to make requests on this item.

General Policies

Must be returned to the Bedford Free Public Library Circulation Desk.