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What is it?  Cubelets TWELVE

Who is it for? These versatile robot cubes are designed for everyone from ages 4 to adult.

What is included? 12 Cubelets blocks, 2 Lego brick adapters, USB charging cable, 2 activity sheets, 1 handbook, 1 ring of cards with cube descriptions.

How does it work? Cubelets comes with one Bluetooth enabled block for programming with the Cubelets app, but you can snap the cubes together and make all sorts of robot designs without it.  Different blocks sense light or distance, shine a flashlight, spin, roll, or cancel or reverse signals between blocks.

The Fine Print
Cubelets can be borrowed for 1 week. Two renewals are permitted, provided there are no reserves waiting. Only Bedford residents are permitted to make requests on this item.

General Policies

Must be returned to the Bedford Free Public Library Circulation Desk.