Meeting Rooms

Meeting Rooms Policy

As a public service, the Library welcomes the use of its meeting and conference rooms for non-profit groups or organizations of a civic, cultural or educational character.  Rooms are not available for the benefit of private individuals (including but not limited to parties, private functions, play dates, etc.) or commercial enterprises.  Use of meeting rooms does not imply that the Library advocates or endorses any ideas or viewpoints expressed during meetings or by meeting room users.

All groups must submit an application form 7 days in advance. Permission will then be secured from the Director, and confirmation made by the Business Manager. Room use will not be confirmed until the form is received and availability is determined.  

Library programs/meetings have the first priority followed by Town departments and official Town Boards, otherwise the meeting rooms will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis.

Changes to meetings must be submitted at least two weekdays in advance of the meeting. Cancellations should be made no later than the day before. In the case of inclement weather or illness, the day of the meeting is acceptable.

Large Meeting Room

The following regulations must be observed in the use of 1st Floor Meeting Room:

No admission fee may be charged nor items sold by any group using the Library without advance written permission from the Board of Trustees. No literature may be distributed at a meeting without the permission of the Director.

 Groups may reserve up to four times in any given year (July 1- June 30).

 The 1st floor meeting room is only available during regular library hours.  Groups need to vacate the meeting room 15 minutes before the Library closes.

Food and non-alcoholic beverages may be brought in for group meetings as long as it is prepared elsewhere. Each group is expected to be responsible for leaving the room as found, for cleaning up the kitchen after use, and for the replacement of lost or damaged equipment. Please be aware that library staff is not available to assist with any equipment during a meeting or event.

For the 1st Floor Meeting Room, an appropriate custodial fee per hour will be charged. The fee will not be prorated for partial hours. No more than 4 hours can be booked per meeting. All payments for the custodial fee should be made prior to use.

No fee will be charged when the program is presented by the Library, Friends of the Library, or Departments and official boards of the Town of Bedford.

A representative of any group or organization planning to use the Library meeting room must inform the Business Manager what arrangement of furniture and equipment is desired at least two weekdays in advance of the meeting.  Prompt notice of cancellations is requested.

Conference Room

The 3rd Floor Conference Room may be used by community groups without charge within the hours that the library is open. Groups need to vacate all meeting rooms 15 minutes before the Library closes.


It is understood that the public will be welcomed at all meetings. All groups using the meeting must adhere to the policies of the Library Board of Trustees.

Upon adequate notice and for adequate reasons, the Library reserves the right to revoke permission to use any meeting room. Interpretation of this policy is at the discretion of the Director.

Revised by Board of Trustees 1/1/72, 2/12/74, 12/15/75, 5/9/78, 12/9/80, 1/1/87, 2/9/99, 2/8/00, 12/10/02, 5/11/2010, 3/25/15 and 12/13/2022.