Computer Use

Computer Use Policy

The library provides access to the Minuteman Library Network catalog, a collection of electronic databases, and the Internet on public access computers in the library. Many of these services, where copyright allows, are also available from home computers via the Internet.

Rules governing use of these machines in the library are designed to address the following goals:

  • Equitable access to the services by all users
  • Ready availability of a machine for users coming into the library.
  • Limited provisions for library users to plan their use of machines.
  • Minimal use of library staff time regulating the use of machines.

Therefore these rules apply to use of the library computers:

  • Use of all Internet computers in the reference, teen, and children’s areas is limited to three-hour total computer time per day per patron.
  • Patrons using the Internet computers must login using their Minuteman Library Network card number.
  • Guest passes are available for those patrons without a library card.
  • Patrons must be responsive to library staff’s requests in regard to enforcement of the rules above.
  • No more than two people may use a computer at one time; this number may be limited further if access to other machines is blocked. For time limit purposes, a patron who is part of a group is considered to be using the computer even if not at the keyboard.
  • Use of the computer by a patron indicates that the patron has agreed to operate within the posted rules.
  • Tampering with software or hardware may result in the suspension of the privilege of using the library’s computers. Patrons should not turn machines off and on or reboot the system.

Laptops are available at the circulation desk and can be used in the library for up to 4 hours.

  • A library card is needed to check out the laptop.
  • Laptops are first come first serve only. No reservations.
  • Laptops are not to be removed from the library.
  • Laptops should be returned to the Circulation Desk at least 15 minutes before the building closes.
  • The Library and the Minuteman Library Network assume no liability for damage to user data or loss of user privacy sustained while using Library equipment.
  • Any damage or malfunction should be reported immediately.

Concerns about this policy should be addressed to the Library Director.

Policy adopted by Library Trustees 10/12/99; Revised 10/15/02; Revised 6/14/05; Revised 5/02/14; Revised 3/2/15