Yarn Winder

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What is it? Yarn winders help knitters unwind skeins of yarn and rewind them into more usable balls that are less likely to knot.

Who is it for? Those who knit and crochet will find the yarn winders useful. Anyone else who uses yarn for crafts or other activities might also benefit from a yarn winder.

What is included?  Yarn winder

How does it work? The Umbrella Swift Yarn winder holds skeins of yarn under tension so they can easily unravel and be wrapped into balls. The hand-operated yarn ball winder is good for winding center-pull yarn balls.yarn-winder

The Fine Print

Yarn winders can be borrowed for 3weeks. Two renewals are permitted, provided there are no reserves waiting.

General Policies

Must be returned to the Bedford Free Public Library Circulation Desk.