Portable Projector

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What is it? The Portable Projector is a home theater video projector that works best in a darkened environment (indoors or outdoors).

What is included? One LED projector, one power cord, one AV cable, one HDMI cable, a remote control, and a user’s manual.

Who is it for? The Portable Projector is perfect for gamers or for anyone who wants to watch television, movies, and videos on a big screen.

How does it work?  The Portable Projector by Hoolick has an HDMI/SD/AV/VGA/USB-in/USB-out/ Earphone slot, which allows you to use PC/Laptop/ Android TV Box via HDMI or VGA port, connect Chrome Cast/Fire Stick via HDMI&USB 5V ports, connect DVD/Cable Box via AV port, Connect PS3 PS4 or X-Box ONE Wii via HDMI cable.

The Fine Print
The Portable Projector can be borrowed for 1 week. Two renewals are permitted, provided there are no reserves waiting. Only Bedford residents are permitted to make requests on this item.

General Policies

Must be returned to the Bedford Free Public Library Circulation Desk.