Winter Lecture Series: “Little-known Elections”

with Professor Daniel Breen
Part I: “Divide and Conquer – The Campaign of 1836”

In 1836, the new Whig Party resorted to a strategy of nominating four candidates for the presidency instead of only one.  For good reason, this was the last time a major American party sought victory by division rather than unity.  We’ll tell the story of that campaign, along with its peculiar aftermath in the Electoral College–a topic of particular interest today.






1836 CANDIDATES: Martin van Buren (Dem) vs William Henry Harrison(Whig), Hugh L. White (Whig), & Daniel Webster (Whig) vs W.P. Mangum (Anti-Jackson)

This 5-part series will run February 26 through March 26, looking at the elections of 1836, 1852, 1876, 1884, and 1940.


February 26th

2:00pm - 4:00pm


Meeting Room