Toe Jam Puppet Band

For all ages

The Toe Jam Puppet Band returns to wind down the annual Summer Reading program.  Their silly, get-up-and-dance music is always a highlight of the season, and you can dance along with it right now, right here:

We’re excited to offer this virtual concert for everyone to enjoy the music and fun in the comfort of their own homes.  The Toe Jam Puppet Band specializes in wacky concerts, and you can make this even sillier and more interactive by bringing all or some of the following items (all optional):

  1.  A popsicle
  2.  Bubbles
  3.  A carrot
  4.  A wig
  5.  Dirty laundry
  6.  A water squirter (not near your computer!)
  7.  More bubbles

This link is freely available, and you’re welcome to share it with friends and family.  We’ll take the link down from this page when it’s no longer available.




August 20th

12:00am - 11:59pm