Financial Workshop Series with Peter Hoffman

3-Part Financial Workshop Series With Peter Hoffman

Session 1:  Countdown to Retirement 

Do you know the five critical steps to take as you approach retirement? A satisfying retirement comes from more than just stopping working. Every facet of your life changes in retirement, and those with the most successful retirement begin to prepare years in advance. We will address your wealth, your health, your security and your happiness, and present a road map to retirement success.

Topics include:

  • Why the five years leading up to retirement are the key to your financial security
  • Why “test-driving” your retirement is as important as test-driving a car before buying
  • An introduction to Social Security, and how to receive the benefits that are best for you

Program presented by Peter Hoffman, MBA, CFP, RLP, a Certified Financial Planner professional with Orion Wealth Advisors in Lexington.  Advisory services offered by Trust Advisory Group, Ltd., a Registered Investment Advisor.


October 7th

7:00pm - 9:00pm


Meeting Room