Library Book Discussion at the COA

by Patricia Lockwood

Equipped with acerbic wit and a keen eye for raunchy detail, poet Lockwood ventures into nonfiction with this wickedly funny memoir about moving back in with her parents. It’s a situation colored in no small way by the presence of Lockwood’s larger-than-life family, particularly her father, a practicing (and, yes, married) Catholic priest, who loves sports cars and guns and watches action movies in his underwear, and mother, a sweetly earnest, hyperactive woman whose “preferred erotica on the internet is German Christmas handcraft.” The book includes flashbacks to Lockwood’s childhood and adolescence as she grapples with her religious upbringing and finds refuge in the written word. –Publishers Weekly
(*) This program is held at the Council on Aging, Town Center Building.


October 23rd

2:00pm - 3:00pm