Cares Airplane Safety Harness

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What is it?  The Cares Airplane Safety Harness is an FAA-approved harness style restraint that protects children throughout the entire airplane journey ~ taxi, takeoff, turbulence, and landing. It is approved for aircraft use only.

Who is it for? It is for children 22 to 44 lbs flying in their own airplane seat.

What is included? The harness, which weighs less than a pound, and a travel bag.

The Fine Print

The Cares Harness may be borrowed for 1 week. Two renewals are permitted, provided there are no reserves waiting. Only Bedford residents are permitted to make requests on this item.

General Policies

Must be returned to the Bedford Free Public Library Circulation Desk.

Thanks to the Andrew “Andy” Zuckerman Collection for funding the Cares Harness.  To learn more about more about Andy, an intrepid world traveler, and the Zuckerman collection click here.