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Y Book on cd, 92/Frank, Anne Frank, Anne The diary of a young girl [sound recording] : [the definitive edition]
Y Book on cd, Fiction/Black Black, Holly. The white cat [sound recording]
Y Book on cd, Fiction/Burg Burg, Ann E. All the broken pieces [sound recording].
Y Book on cd, Fiction/Meyer Meyer, Stephenie Short second life of Bree Tanner [sound recording] : [an Eclipse novella]
Y Book on cd, Fiction/Oliver Oliver, Lauren Before I fall [sound recording]
Y Book on cd, Fiction/Reinhardt Reinhardt, Dana. The things a brother knows [sound recording]

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Teen Fiction

Y Fiction/Ayarbe Ayarbe, Heidi. Compromised
Y Fiction/Bedford Bedford, Martyn. Flip
Y Fiction/Black Black, Holly. Red glove
Y Fiction/Boles Boles, Philana Marie Glitz
Y Fiction/Boyd Boyd, Maria. Will
Y Fiction/Burgis Burgis, Stephanie. Kat, incorrigible
Y Fiction/Cabot Cabot, Meg. Abandon
Y Fiction/Caletti Caletti, Deb. Stay
Y Fiction/Chima Chima, Cinda William The Demon King
Y Fiction/Cooper Cooper, Michelle The FitzOsbornes in exile
Y Fiction/Crowley Crowley, Cath. A little wanting song
Y Fiction/Dixon Dixon, Heather Entwined
Y Fiction/Forman Forman, Gayle. Where she went
Y Fiction/Gee Gee, Maurice. The limping man
Y Fiction/Gehrman Gehrman, Jody Elizab Babe in boyland
Y Fiction/Goodman Goodman, Alison. Eona : the last Dragoneye
Y Fiction/Grant Grant, Michael Plague : a Gone novel
Y Fiction/Guibord Guibord, Maurissa. Warped
Y Fiction/Harrington Harrington, Kim Clarity
Y Fiction/Hill Hill, Will Department 19
Y Fiction/Hinwood Hinwood, Christine. The returning
Y Fiction/Howse Howse, Emily. Zitface.
Y Fiction/Johnson Johnson, J. J. This girl is different
Y Fiction/Kephart Kephart, Beth. The heart is not a size
Y Fiction/Laird Laird, Elizabeth. The betrayal of Maggie Blair
Y Fiction/Lake Lake, Nick. Blood ninja II : the revenge of Lord Oda
Y Fiction/Lo Lo, Malinda. Huntress
Y Fiction/Matson Matson, Morgan. Amy & Roger's epic detour
Y Fiction/McDonald McDonald, Abby. The anti-prom
Y Fiction/Meyer Meyer, Stephenie The twilight saga : the official illustrated guide
Y Fiction/Myers Myers, Walter Dean Carmen : an urban adaptation
Y Fiction/Nelson Nelson, Blake Recovery Road
Y Fiction/Ostlere Ostlere, Cathy. Karma : a novel in verse
Y Fiction/Partridge Partridge, Elizabeth Dogtag summer
Y Fiction/Pascal Pascal, Francine. Sweet Valley confidential : ten years later
Y Fiction/Rorby Rorby, Ginny. Lost in the river of grass
Y Fiction/Sepetys Sepetys, Ruta. Between shades of gray
Y Fiction/Stroud Stroud, Jonathan. The ring of Solomon : a Bartimaeus novel
Y Fiction/Wallace Wallace, Jason. Out of shadows
Y Fiction/Watkins Watkins, Steve What comes after
Y Fiction/Wynne-Jones Wynne-Jones, Tim. Blink & Caution
Y Short stories/Teeth Teeth : vampire tales

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Teen Graphic Novels

[Graphic] Y 741.5/Doy Edginton, Ian. A study in scarlet : a Sherlock Holmes graphic novel
[Graphic] Y 741.5/Gil Gillis, Peter B. The last unicorn
[Graphic] Y 741.5/Gul Gulledge, Laura Lee. Page by Paige.
[Graphic] Y 741.5/Kan Kanno, Aya Otomen
[Graphic] Y 741.5/Kan Kanno, Aya Otomen
[Graphic] Y 741.5/Kan Kanno, Aya Otomen
[Graphic] Y 741.5/Kan Kanno, Aya Otomen
[Graphic] Y 741.5/Kan Kanno, Aya Otomen
[Graphic] Y 741.5/Kan Kanno, Aya Otomen
[Graphic] Y 741.5/Kan Kanno, Aya Otomen
[Graphic] Y 741.5/Ken Kenyon, Sherrilyn The dark hunters
[Graphic] Y 741.5/Ken Kenyon, Sherrilyn The dark hunters
[Graphic] Y 741.5/Ken Kenyon, Sherrilyn The dark hunters
[Graphic] Y 741.5/Ken Kenyon, Sherrilyn The dark hunters
[Graphic] Y 741.5/Nak Nakamura, Yoshiki. Skip beat
[Graphic] Y 741.5/Nic Nicolle, Malachai. Axe Cop. 1
[Graphic] Y 741.5/Tor Toriyama, Akira Dragon Ball Z
[Graphic] Y 741.5/Tsa Tsang, Evonne. My boyfriend is a monster. [1], I love him to pieces or My date is dead weight or He only loves me for my brains

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Teen Nonfiction

Y Nonfiction C Connolly, Sean The book of potentially catastrophic science

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Video Games

Y Wii Jus Just dance [electronic resource]
Y Wii Sup Super Mario Galaxy 2 [electronic resource].
Y Wii Tra Trauma team [electronic resource].
Y XBOX360 Ala Alan Wake [electronic resource].
Y XBOX360 Blu Blur [electronic resource].
Y XBOX360 FIF 2010 FIFA World Cup. South Africa [electronic resource].
Y XBOX360 Mad Madden NFL 11 [electronic resource]
Y XBOX360 Maj Major league baseball 2K10 [electronic resource].
Y XBOX360 Nav Naval assault [electronic resource] : the killing tide.
Y XBOX360 NCA NCAA Football 11 [electronic resource].
Y XBOX360 Ska Skate 3 [electronic resource].
Y XBOX360 Spl Split second [electronic resource].

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