Computers and Wi-Fi

Iwoman-looking-down-and-working-on-laptopnternet Access

We offer free Wi-Fi access throughout the building via our “BFPL-Wireless” network. Additionally, all of our public computers offer wired Internet connections.

Public Computers

We provide a number of free-to-use desktops throughout the building: seven in our Adult area, four in our Teen area, and two more in our Children’s Room. All of these PCs offer Internet access and Microsoft Office. Patrons are limited to 3 hours of use per day.

* Note that our desktops automatically shut down 10 minutes before close!

We also provide several laptop PCs for use inside the building. These laptops may be borrowed with any valid Minuteman library card and used for up to 4 hours per day.


Printing is available from all of our desktop PCs. Single-sided printing is $0.10/sheet, and double-sided printing is $0.15/sheet. Payment is by cash only. Every user gets $1.00 of free printing each day.


Scanning is available from the public scanner located directly across from our Reference Desk (on the 2nd floor). Users may scan to a flash drive or email. All scanning is free!

Public Copiers

We currently have two public copiers: one beside our Circulation Desk (on the 1st floor), and another near our Mudge Way entrance (on the 2nd floor). Copies are $0.10/sheet.

Fax Machine

The public may send — but not receive! — fax messages from our public fax machine, located near our Mudge Way entrance (on the 2nd floor). Domestic faxes are $1.75 for the first page and $1.00/page thereafter; international faxes are $3.95 for the first page and $3.45/page thereafter. Payment is by credit (or debit) only. (Consider using our free scanner instead, if that’s a possibility!)