Andrew Zuckerman Memorial Collection


Call number Author Title
959.6/And Anderson, Liz. Red lights and green lizards: a Cambodian adventure.
639.9/Apf Apfelbaum, Steven I., Nature's second chance: restoring the ecology of Stone Prairie Farm
959.1/Aun Aung San Suu Kyi. The voice of hope
915.98/Bac Bacon, Derek. Cultureshock! Jakarta : a survival guide to customs and etiquette
959.3/Bak Baker, Christopher John, A history of Thailand
330.05/Bat Batra, Raveendra N. The new golden age : the coming revolution against political corruption and economic chaos
J 959.6/Beh Behnke, Alison. Angkor Wat
306.42/Ber Berger, Peter L., The social construction of reality : a treatise in the sociology of knowledge
303.484/Bin Binder, Libuse. 10 ways to change the world in your 20s
J 333.79/Bis Bishop, Amanda. Energy conservation
J 551.6/Bis Bishop, Amanda. Climate change
959.8/Bro Brown, Colin, A short history of Indonesia : the unlikely nation?
298.38/Bst Bstan-ʼdzin-rgya-mtsho, For the benefit of all beings : a commentary on The way of the Bodhisattva
299.7/Buf Buffalo Horn Man, Gary. Dancing otters and clever coyotes : using animal energies, the Native American way
981.12/Cam Campbell, David G. A land of ghosts : the braided lives of people and the forest in far western Amazonia
959.6/Coe Coe, Michael D. Angkor and the Khmer civilization
294.6/Col Cole, W. Owen Understanding sikhism
J 333.72/Col Coley, Mary McIntyre. Environmentalism : how you can make a difference
786.7/Col Collins, Nicolas. Handmade electronic music : the art of hardware hacking
915.94/Coo Cooper, Robert. Cultureshock! Laos : a survival guide to customs and etiquette
332/Cou Counts, Alex. Small loans, big dreams : how Nobel peace prize winner Muhammad Yunus and microfinance are changing the world
959.87/Cri Cristalis, Irena, East Timor : a nation's bitter dawn
508.315/Dea Deakin, Roger. Wildwood : a journey through trees
150.19/Del Deleuze, Gilles, Anti-Oedipus : capitalism and schizophrenia
303.4/Dia Diamond, Jared M. Guns, germs, and steel : the fates of human societies
J 179.3/Don Donald, Rhonda Lucas, Animal rights : how you can make a difference
780.959/Dou Douglas, Gavin, Music in mainland Southeast Asia : experiencing music, expressing culture
Short stories/Outhine Bounyavong ʻUthin Bunnyāvong. Ph̄æng m̄æ = Mother's beloved : stories from Laos / Outhine Bounyavong edited by Bounheng Inversin and Daniel Duffy introduction by Peter Koret.
294.592/Eas Easwaran, Eknath. Essence of the Upanishads : a key to Indian spirituality
811/Eme Emerson, Ralph Waldo, The tao of Emerson : the wisdom of the tao te ching as found in the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson
305.569/Far Farmer, Paul, Pathologies of power : health, human rights, and the new war on the poor : with a new preface by the author
599/Fra Francis, Charles M. A guide to the mammals of Southeast Asia
361.37/Fri Friedman, Jenny Lynn, The busy family's guide to volunteering : do good, have fun, make a difference as a family!
631.584/Fuk Fukuoka, Masanobu. The one-straw revolution : an introduction to natural farming /
294.3/Gat Gattuso, Joan M. The lotus still blooms : sacred Buddhist teachings for the Western mind
J 294.3/Ger Gerner, Katy. Buddhism
J 297/Ger Gerner, Katy. Islam
J 294.5/Ger Gerner, Katy. Hinduism
786.7/Gha Ghazala, Reed, Circuit-bending : build your own alien instruments
294.5/Gho Ghose, Aurobindo, The life divine /
294.543/Gho Ghose, Aurobindo, The synthesis of yoga
304.2/Gib Gibson, James William. A reenchanted world : the quest for a new kinship with nature
363.7/Ham Hamilton, Andy. The self-sufficient-ish bible
334.68/Hen Henderson, Elizabeth, Sharing the harvest : a citizen's guide to Community Supported Agriculture
428.1/Her Herrell, Adrienne L. Fifty strategies for teaching English language learners
495.9191/Hig Higbie, James. Lao-English, English-Lao dictionary and phrasebook
959.5/Hoo Hooker, Virginia Matheson, A short history of Malaysia : linking east and west
630.973/Ike Ikerd, John E. Crisis & opportunity : sustainability in American agriculture
613.7/Iye Iyengar, B. K. S., Yoga wisdom & practice
613.7/Iye Iyengar, B. K. S., Light on yoga : yoga dipika
333.72/Kaz Kaza, Stephanie. Mindfully green : a personal and spiritual guide to whole earth thinking
Y 959.6/Kea Keat, Nawuth, Alive in the killing fields : surviving the Khmer Rouge genocide
615.53/Kha Khalsa, Karta Purkh Singh. The way of ayurvedic herbs : the most complete guide to natural healing and health with traditional ayurvedic herbalism
92/Khamkeo, Bounsang Khamkeo, Bounsang. I little slave : a prison memoir from communist Laos
495.9191/Kha Khamphan Mingbuapha. Lao-English, English-Lao dictionary
92/Farmer, Paul Kidder, Tracy. Mountains beyond mountains
J 398.2/Kim Kim, So-un, Korean children's favorite stories
959.4/Kis Kislenko, Arne. Culture and customs of Laos
362.5/Kot Kotler, Philip. Up and out of poverty : the social marketing solution
92/Krabacher, Susan Krabacher, Susan Scott. Angels of a lower flight : one woman's mission to save a country--one child at a time
299.514/Lao Laozi. Tao te ching : the new translation from tao te ching : the definitive edition
630/Lau Laughton, Rebecca. Surviving and thriving on the land : how to use your time and energy to run a successful smallholding
J 915/Law Law, Felicia. Atlas of the Far East and Southeast Asia
Paperback, Y Nonfiction L Lewis, Barbara A., The teen guide to global action : how to connect with others (near & far) to create social change
152.1/Lil Lilly, John Cunningham, The deep self : consciousness exploration in the isolation tank
E Lipp Lipp, Frederick. Running shoes
959/Loc Lockard, Craig A. Southeast Asia in world history
633.1/Log Logsdon, Gene. Small-scale grain raising
294.4/Lon Long, Jeffery D. Jainism : an introduction
J 398.2/Lyo Lyons, Kay. Malaysian children's favourite stories
J 959/McC McClish, Bruce. Southeast Asia, Australia, and the Pacific realm
581.634/Meu Meuninck, Jim, Medicinal plants of North America : a field guide
581.63/Meu Meuninck, Jim, Basic essentials. Edible wild plants and useful herbs
579.6/Mil Miller, Orson K. North American mushrooms : a field guide to edible and inedible fungi
615.321/Moe Moerman, Daniel E. Native American medicinal plants : an ethnobotanical dictionary
171.8/Mor Morsch, Gary. The power of serving others : you can start where you are
915.983/Cul Munan, Heidi. Culture shock! Borneo : a survival guide to customs and etiquette
361.2/New Newkirk, Ingrid. One can make a difference : how simple actions can change the world
294.33/Nha Nh́ât Hạnh, The world we have : a Buddhist approach to peace and ecology
338.19/Pat Patel, Raj. Stuffed and starved : the hidden battle for the world food system
333.7/Pea Peacock, Kathy Wilson. Natural resources and sustainable development
915.97/Pha Pham, Andrew X., Catfish and mandala : a two-wheeled voyage through the landscape and memory of Vietnam
362.5/Pol Polak, Paul. Out of poverty : what works when traditional approaches fail
394.12/Pol Pollan, Michael. The omnivore's dilemma : a natural history of four meals
306.45/Pol Pollan, Michael. The botany of desire : a plant's eye view of the world
294.34/Por Porter, Bill, Zen baggage : a pilgrimage to China
294.39/Pow Powers, John, A concise introduction to Tibetan Buddhism
959.86/Pri Pringle, Robert, A short history of Bali : Indonesia's Hindu realm
J 633.18/Rey Reynolds, Jan, Cycle of rice, cycle of life : [a story of sustainable farming]
J 398.2/Rom Romulo, Liana. Filipino children's favorite stories
J 581.63/Ros Rosenberg, Pam. Healing plants
339.46/Sac Sachs, Jeffrey. The end of poverty : economic possibilities for our time
615.88/Sal Salguero, C. Pierce. Traditional Thai medicine : Buddhism, animism, ayurveda
J 303.37/San Sanders, Lynn Bogen. Social justice : how you can make a difference
333.72/Sch Schendler, Auden. Getting green done : hard truths from the front lines of the sustainability revolution
J 322.4/Sch Schwartz, Heather E. Political activism : how you can make a difference
J 339.46/Sen Senker, Cath. Poverty
361.2/Sil Silberberg, Allison. Visionaries in our midst : ordinary people who are changing our world
Book on cd, 495.9191/Sim Simmala, Buasawan. Lao for beginners [sound recording]
362.5/Sin Singer, Peter, The life you can save : acting now to end world poverty
361.26/Sko Skog, Susan, The give-back solution : create a better world with your time, talents, and travel (whether you have $10 or $10,000)
361.77/Smi Smillie, Ian. Freedom from want : the remarkable success story of BRAC, the global grassroots organization that's winning the fight against poverty
J 333.95/Smi Smith, Natalie, Habitat protection
338.91/Smi Smith, Philip B. A billion bootstraps : microcredit, barefoot banking, and the business solution for ending poverty
J 398.2/Som Somiah, R. Indian children's favorite stories
959.1/Ste Steinberg, David I., Burma/Myanmar : what everyone needs to know
[Career] 361.37/Sto Stone, Suzanne, Volunteering around the globe : life-changing travel adventures
951/Stu Stuart-Fox, Martin, A short history of China and southeast Asia : tribute, trade and influence
J 398.2/Suy Suyenaga, Joan. Indonesian children's favorite stories
332.672/Tas Tasch, Woody, Inquiries into the nature of slow money : investing as if food, farms, and fertility mattered
J 398.2/Tay Taylor, Di, Singapore children's favourite stories
959.1/Tha Thant Myint-U. The river of lost footsteps : a personal history of Burma
363.8/Thu Thurow, Roger. Enough : why the world's poorest starve in an age of plenty
338.4768/Tim Timmerman, Kelsey, Where am I wearing? : a global tour to the countries, factories, and people that make our clothes
371.009/Too Tooley, James. The beautiful tree : a personal journey into how the world's poorest people are educating themselves
581.6/Tur Turner, Nancy J., The North American guide to common poisonous plants and mushrooms
915.1/War Warmbrunn, Erika. Where the pavement ends : one woman's bicycle trip through Mongolia, China & Vietnam
305.8/Wes West, Barbara A., Encyclopedia of the peoples of Asia and Oceania :
305.8/Wes West, Barbara A., Encyclopedia of the peoples of Asia and Oceania :
339.46/Whi Whitman, Sylvia, World poverty
363.8/Win Winne, Mark, Closing the food gap : resetting the table in the land of plenty
299.561/Yam Yamakage, Motohisa, The essence of Shinto : Japan's spiritual heart
J 398.2/Ye Ye, Mingmei. Chinese children's favorite stories
915.91/Cul Yin, Saw Myat, Culture Shock! Myanmar : a survival guide to customs and etiquette
332.1/Yun Yunus, Muhammad, Banker to the poor : micro-lending and the battle against world poverty
959.6/Zho Zhou, Daguan, A record of Cambodia : the land and its people
299.51/Zhu Zhuangzi. Basic writings
615.321/Des Desk reference to nature's medicine
294.382/Way The way of the Buddha
915.15/Tib Tibet handbook
915.95/Cul Culture shock! Malaysia
338.927/Ber Berkshire encyclopedia of sustainability
915.96/Cul Culture shock! Cambodia : a survival guide to customs and etiquette
304.2/Ori Original instructions : indigenous teachings for a sustainable future
362.5/Glo Global development 2.0 : can philanthropists, the public, and the poor make poverty history?
338.9/Atl Atlas of global development : [a visual guide to the world's greatest challenges]
915.4/Ind India handbook : the travel guide
333.7/Pas A passion for this earth
361.37/Ide The handbook to building a better world : how to turn your good intentions into actions that make a difference
362.5/Cli Climate change and global poverty : a billion lives in the balance?
915.9/Sou Southeast Asia handbook
915.93/Foo Footprint Thailand
780.959/Gar The Garland handbook of Southeast Asian music
915.94/Lao Laos handbook
959/Sou Southeast Asia : a historical encyclopedia, from Angkor Wat to East Timor
362.5/Pov Poverty and homelessness
959/Sou Southeast Asia : a historical encyclopedia, from Angkor Wat to East Timor
J 398.2/Jap Japanese children's favorite stories
915.99/Cul Culture shock! Philippines
305.8/Ind Indigenous peoples
299.7/Nat Native American wisdom : a spiritual tradition at one with nature
[Career] 333.72/Gre Green volunteers : the world guide to voluntary work in nature conservation
915.93/Let Let's go. Thailand
915.93/Cul Culture shock! Thailand
339.46/In In the river they swim : essays from around the world on enterprise solutions to poverty
915.95/Foo Footprint Malaysia & Singapore
338.9/Nec The necessary revolution : how individuals and organizations are working together to create a sustainable world
810.9/Bam Bamboo among the oaks : contemporary writing by Hmong Americans
915.97/Vie Vietnam handbook
DVD 595.79/Sil Silence of the bees [videorecording]
959/Sou Southeast Asia : a historical encyclopedia, from Angkor Wat to East Timor
305.8959/Sou Southeast Asian refugees and immigrants in the mill city : changing families, communities, institutions-- thirty years afterward
339.46/Por Portfolios of the poor : how the world's poor live on $2 a day
J 398.2/Bal Balinese children's favorite stories
915.96/Cam Cambodia handbook
[Career] 361.37/Alt Alternatives to the Peace Corps : a guide to global volunteer opportunities
339.46/Too Too poor for peace? : global poverty, conflict, and security in the 21st century
J 398.2/Con Asian children's favorite stories
Y 363.8/Fam Famine
915.99/Cul Culture shock! Philippines