new nonfiction in children's

J 001.94/Kre Krensky, Stephen. Bigfoot
J 001.94/Kre Krensky, Stephen. The bogeyman
J 001.94/Kre Krensky, Stephen. Creatures from the deep
J 001.94/Kre Krensky, Stephen. Dragons
J 001.94/Kre Krensky, Stephen. Frankenstein
J 001.94/Kre Krensky, Stephen. Zombies
J 133.12/Kre Krensky, Stephen. Watchers in the woods
J 133.1/Kre Krensky, Stephen. Ghosts
J 133.42/Kre Krensky, Stephen. Vampires
J 133.42/Kre Krensky, Stephen. Werewolves
J 306.85/Ruu Ruurs, Margriet, Families around the world
J 328.73/Rei Reis, Ronald A, The US Congress for kids :;over 200 years of lawmaking, deal-breaking, and compromising, with 21 activities
J 331.31/Win Winter, Jeanette. Malala, a brave girl from Pakistan ;Iqbal, a brave boy from Pakistan
J 363.34/Tar Tarshis, Lauren. Five epic disasters
J 363.73/Can Canavan, Roger, You wouldn't want to live without clean water!
J 393.3/Kre Krensky, Stephen. The mummy
J 398.22/Kel Kellogg, Steven. Johnny Appleseed :;a tall tale
J 398.22/Kel Kellogg, Steven. Pecos Bill :;a tall tale
J 398.2/Bla Blackstone, Stella. Storytime;[sound recording] :;first tales for sharing
J 398.2/Bre Brett, Jan, Goldilocks and the three bears
J 398.2/Bro Once a mouse ...;A fable cut in wood
J 398.2/Bro Perrault, Charles, Cinderella ;or, The little glass slipper
J 398.2/Cou Cousins, Lucy. Yummy :;eight favorite fairy tales
J 398.2/Gal Galdone, Paul, The folk tale classics treasury :;six cherished stories in one keepsake volume
J 398.2/Gal Galdone, Paul. The gingerbread boy
J 398.2/Gal Galdone, Paul. The three bears :;a folk tale classic
J 398.2/Gal Galdone, Paul. The three billy goats Gruff
J 398.2/Gri The Pied Piper of Hamelin
J 398.2/Hod Hodges, Margaret, Saint George and the dragon :;a golden legend
J 398.2/Hog Hogrogian, Nonny. The contest
J 398.2/Hym Hyman, Trina Schart. Little Red Riding Hood
J 398.2/Mar Marshall, James, Goldilocks and the three bears
J 398.2/Mar Marshall, James, Red Riding Hood
J 398.2/Mar Martin, Rafe, The rough-face girl
J 398.2/McD McDermott, Gerald. Coyote :;a trickster tale from the American Southwest
J 398.2/Mos Mosel, Arlene. Tikki Tikki Tembo
J 398.2/Pin Pinkney, Jerry. Little Red Riding Hood
J 398.8/Cho Chorao, Kay. The baby's lap book
J 523.2/Sim Simon, Seymour, Our solar system
J 629.89/Mer Mercer, Bobby, The Robot book :;build and control 20 electric gizmos, moving machines, and hacked toys
J 636.7/McC McCully, Emily Arnold, Strongheart :;the world's first movie star dog
J 641.5/Sea Seaver, Barton. National Geographic kids cookbook :;a year-round fun food adventure
J 696.18/Mac Macdonald, Fiona, You wouldn't want to live without toilets!
J 811.54/Cleary, Brian Cleary, Brian P., Ode to a comode :;concrete poems
[Chinese] J 895.1/Beidao Gei hai zi de shi
[Chinese] J 895.1/Jin, Bo Hu die, wan dou hua :;Zhongguo jing dian tong shi
J BIO Carver, George Washington Krensky, Stephen. A man for all seasons :;the life of George Washington Carver
J BIO Gandhi, Mahatma Rau, Dana Meachen, Who was Gandhi?
J BIO Richards, Keith Richards, Keith, Gus & me :;the story of my granddad and my first guitar
J BIO Washington, Booker T. Slade, Suzanne. With books and bricks :;how Booker T. Washington built a school
J BIO Yousafzai, Malala Yousafzai, Malala, I am Malala :;how one girl stood up for education and changed the world
Spanish J BIO Garcia Marquez, Gabriel Brown, Monica, Conoce a Gabriel García Márquez
J 394.266/Bre Brett, Jan, The animals' Santa
J 394.266/Cou Cousins, Lucy, Maisy's Christmas tree
J 394.266/Fre Hennessy, B. G. A Christmas wish for Corduroy
J 394.266/Tho Thong, Roseanne. 'Twas nochebuena
J 394.266/Und Underwood, Deborah. Here comes Santa Cat
J 394.267/Pin Pinkwater, Daniel Manus, Beautiful Yetta's Hanukkah kitten
J 394.267/Sim Simpson, Martha Seif, The dreidel that wouldn't spin :;a toyshop tale of Hanukkah