new nonfiction in children's

J 031.02/Nat National Geographic kids almanac.
J 398.2/Jon Jones, Ursula. Beauty and the beast
[Chinese] J 398.2/Zho Zhongguo jing dian gu shi = Chinese classical stories
[Chinese] J 398.2/Zho Zhongguo jing dian gu shi = Chinese classical stories
J 595.4/Str Strother, Ruth. Tarantula
J 595.7/Alb Albee, Sarah. Bugged : how insects changed history
J 629.04/Lem Lemanski, Mike Planes, trains, and automobiles : a visual history of modern transportation featuring 100 iconic designs
J 782.42/Van Hout, Mies van, auth Twinkle, twinkle, little star
J 791.43/Sta Beecroft, Simon, aut Lego Star Wars : the visual dictionary
J 808.81/Lea Leave your sleep : a collection of classic children's poetry
J 931/Liu Liu-Perkins, Christi At home in her tomb : Lady Dai and the ancient Chinese treasures of Mawangdui
J 940.4/Bau Bausum, Ann, author. Stubby the war dog : the true story of World War I 's bravest dog
J 954.96/Ath Athans, Sandra K. Secrets of the sky caves : danger and discovery on Nepal's Mustang Cliffs
J 973.2/Mar Mara, Wil. The gunsmith
J BIO Darwin, Charles Hopkinson, Deborah. Who was Charles Darwin?
J BIO Earhart, Amelia Jerome, Kate Boehm. Who was Amelia Earhart?
J BIO Frank, Anne Hoefnagel, Marian Anne Frank : her life
J BIO Kennedy, John McDonough, Yona Zeld Who was John F. Kennedy?
J BIO Lee, Bruce Gigliotti, Jim, auth Who was Bruce Lee?
J BIO Lucas, George Pollack, Pam, author Who is George Lucas?
J BIO Roosevelt, Theodore Burgan, Michael, aut Who was Theodore Roosevelt?
J BIO Saint-Exupery, Antoine de Ss, Peter The pilot and The little prince : the life of Antoine de Saint-Exupry
J BIO Tutankhamen Edwards, Roberta. Who was King Tut?
J BIO Tyson, Neil Ventura, Marne. Astrophysicist and space advocate Neil deGrasse Tyson
J BIO Wright Brothers Buckley, James, Jr. Who were the Wright Brothers?


J 394.266/Eve Evert, Lori. The Christmas wish