new nonfiction in children's

J 333.78/Car Carson, Mary Kay. The park scientists :;Gila monsters, geysers, and Grizzly bears in America's own backyard
J 363.17/Ara Arato, Rona. Fukushima nuclear disaster
J 379.26/Ton Tonatiuh, Duncan. Separate is never equal :;Sylvia Mendez & her family's fight for desegregation
J 398.2/Byr Byrd, Robert, Brave Chicken Little
J 398.2/Ely Elya, Susan Middleton, Little Roja Riding Hood
J 398.2/Mon Montileaux, Donald F., Tasunka :;a Lakota horse legend
J 398.2/San San Souci, Robert D. The talking eggs :;a folktale from the American South
J 500/Smi Smith, David J. If... :;a mind-bending new way of looking at big ideas and numbers
J 531.14/Chi Chin, Jason. Gravity
J 590.73/Kru Krull, Kathleen. What's new? The zoo! :;a zippy history of zoos
J 598/Kur Kurki, Kim, National Wildlife Federation's world of birds :;a beginner's guide
J 599.7/Arn Arnosky, Jim, Tooth and claw :;the wild world of big predators
J 613.2/Sup Super supper throwdown
J 636.7/Gol Goldish, Meish, Skydiving dogs
J 636.7/Lun Lunis, Natalie, Lifeguard dogs
J 688.72/Lip Lipkowitz, Daniel. The LEGO ideas book :;unlock your imagination
J 720.9/Dil Dillon, Patrick, The story of buildings :;from the Pyramids to the Sydney Opera House and beyond
J 741.5/Kin King, Bart, The big book of superheroes
J 745.5/Ang Angleberger, Tom. ART2-D2's guide to folding and doodling
J 745.5/Tho Thomas, Becky. Loom magic creatures! :;25 awesome animals and mythical beings for a rainbow of critters
J 793.73/Agn Agnone, Julie Vosburgh. What in the world? :;fun-tastic photo puzzles for curious minds
J 794.8/Mil Milton, Stephanie, Minecraft combat handbook
J 796.357/Doe Doeden, Matt. The World Series :;baseball's biggest stage
J 811.54/Florian, Douglas Florian, Douglas. Poem depot :;aisles of smiles
J 811.54/Greenfield, Eloise Greenfield, Eloise. Honey, I love :;and other love poems
J 821.8/Kipling, Rudyard Kipling, Rudyard, If-
J 912.73/Nat National Geographic Kids United States atlas
J 912/Dor Student atlas, world
J 912/Isa Isaacs, Sally Senzell, National Geographic kids ultimate globetrotting world atlas
J 912/Nat National Geographic kids world atlas
J 953.8/Hun Janin, Hunt, Saudi Arabia
J 955/Raj Rajendra, Vijeya, Iran
J 956.7/Has Hassig, Susan M., Iraq
J 956.94/DuB DuBois, Jill, Israel
J 962/Pat Pateman, Robert, Egypt
J 971/Pan Pang, Guek-Cheng, Canada
J 973.09/Jen Jennings, Ken, U.S. Presidents
J BIO Curie, Marie Stine, Megan, Who was Marie Curie?
J BIO Earhart, Amelia Gilpin, Caroline Crosson, Amelia Earhart
J BIO Edison, Thomas Kramer, Barbara, Thomas Edison
J BIO Frank, Anne Zapruder, Alexandra. Anne Frank
J BIO Hopper, Edward Burleigh, Robert. Edward Hopper paints his world
J BIO Lincoln, Abraham Gilpin, Caroline Crosson. Abraham Lincoln
J BIO Mandela, Nelson Kramer, Barbara, Nelson Mandela
J BIO Obama, Barack Gilpin, Caroline Crosson. Barack Obama
J BIO Washington, George Gilpin, Caroline Crosson. George Washington


J 394.264/See Seeger, Laura Vaccaro. Dog and Bear :;tricks and treats
J 394.264/Som Soman, David. Ladybug Girl and the dress-up dilemma
J 394.267/Adl Adler, David A., The story of Passover
J 394.267/deP DePaola, Tomie, My first Passover