at the Bedford Library

Especially picked for
3rd – 6th Graders


The FamiliarsJ/Epstein

Diary of a Killer Cat – J Chapter/Fine

The Warriors (series) – J/Hunter

The Stranger Next Door – J/Kehret

Catwings (series) – J/LeGuin

The Grand Escape (series) – J/Naylor

Varjak Paw (series) – J/Said



The Good Dog – J/Avi

Flawed Dogs – J/Breathed

The Incredible Journey – J/Burnford

The Buddy Files: Case of the Lost Boy– J Chapter/Butler

Tornado – J Chapter/Byars

Dog Watch (series) Jpb/Casanova

The Dog that Pitched a No-Hitter – J Chapter/Christopher

Ribsy – J/Cleary

The Governor’s Dog is Missing!– J/Collard

White Star, A Dog on the Titanic – J/Crisp

Because of Winn Dixie – J/DiCamillo

Santa Paws(series) – Jpb/Edwards

Ginger Pye – J/Estes

Notso Hotso – J Chapter/Fine

I, JackJ/Finney

Jim Ugly– J/Fleischman

Mallory vs Max – J/Friedman

Scooby Doo(series) – Jpb/Gelsey

Star in the Storm – J/Harlow

Just Grace Walks the Dog – J/Harper

The Canine Connection– J/Hearne

Sheep – J/Hobbs

Houndsley and Catina – J Chapter/Howe

One Small Dog – J/Hurwitz

Champ – Jpb/Jones

The Invisible DogJ Chapter/King-Smith

Lassie Come-Home – J/Knight

The Call of the Wild – J/London

Dog Friday – J/McKay

The Boy Who Spoke Dog – J/Morgan

The Dog Who Wouldn’t Be – J/Mowat

Lewis and Clark and Me – J Chapter/Myers

Shiloh – J/Naylor

Smarter Than Squirrels – J Chapter/Nolan

How to Steal a Dog – J/O’Connor

Jack Russell(series)Jpb/Odgers

Hooper Finds a Family– J/Paley

The Field of the Dogs – J/Paterson

A Dog’s Way Home – J/Pyron

Where the Red Fern Grows – J/Rawls

Star in the ForestJ/Resau

Next-Door Dogs – J/Rodowsky

Smells Like Dog – J/Selfors

Dominic – J/Steig

The Trouble With Tuck – J/Taylor

Wishworks, Inc. – J/Tolan

No Dogs Allowed – J/Wallace

Meanest Hound Around – J/Wallace

The Dog with Golden Eyes – J/Wilbur



The Mayor of Central Park – J/Avi

The Black Stallion – J/Farley

Wild GirlJ/Giff

Beware the Mare (series) – J Chapter/Haas

Misty of Chincoteague – J/Henry

Ellie EverJ/Patterson

Black Beauty – J/Sewell



Gregor the Overlander (series) – J/Collins

City Under the Back Steps – J/Lampman

The Cricket in Times Square (series) - J/Selden

Charlotte’s Web – J/White

Don’t Bug Me! – J/Zollman



Freddy the Detective (series) – J/Brooks

Pigs Can Fly – J Chapter/Chocolate

Mercy Watson (series) – J Chapter /DiCamillo

Babe: The Gallant Pig – J/King-Smith

The Adventures of Nanny Piggins - J/Spratt


MICE and Other Rodents

Poppy (series) – J/Avi

The World According to Humphrey - J/Birney

The Mouse and the Motorcycle (series) - J/Cleary

A Nest for Celeste – J/Cole

The Tale of Despereaux – J/DiCamillo

Heroic Adventure of Hercules Amsterdam – J/Haber

Pee Wee’s Tale – Jpb/Hurwitz

Redwall (series) – J/Jacques

Guinea Dog – J/Jennings

Song Lee and the Hamster Hunt – J/Kline

Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH – J/O’Brien

I, Freddy (series) – J/Reiche

The Rescuers – J/Sharp

The Mouse of Amherst – J/Stiles

Abel’s Island – J/Steig

The Great Googlestein Museum Mystery - J/Van Leeuwen

Nightshade CityJ/Wagner

Christopher Mouse: The Tale of a Small Traveler – J/Wise



Frightful’s Mountain– J/George


Guardians of Ga’hoole– Jpb/Lasky



Flatfoot Fox (series) – J Chapter/Clifford

The Daring Adventures of Penhaglion Brush – J/Rogan



The Magician’s Elephant – J/DiCamillo

The White Elephant– J/Fleischman

Robi Dobi: The Marvelous Adventures of an Indian Elephant – J/Jaffrey

Saving LillyJ/Kehret



Mr. Popper’s Penguins – J/Atwater

The Wind in the Willows – J/Grahame

Bunnicula: A Rabbit Tale of Mystery - J/Howe

Just So Stories – J/Kipling

Zoobreak– J/Korman

The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle – J/Lofting

Owls in the Family – J/Mowat

Silverwing (series) – J/Oppel

Animal Rescue Team(series) - J/Stauffacher


Bedford Free Public Library
List made by Sharon McDonald