Find out all about the Bedford Free Public Library

Statement of Purpose and Objectives

The purpose of the Bedford Free Public Library shall be to provide an idea center; a resource for information, lifelong learning, and creative use of leisure time to all members of the community in a period of accelerating knowledge and change.


The library shall stimulate the discovery of and encourage the development of reading through programs that spark ideas and supply information.


The library shall be a starting place for the community in its search for information and ideas. It will provide a collection of resources responsive to the needs of the community and personnel skilled in the interface between patrons and information. The library shall maintain a current network of interlibrary, interagency resources to provide referral where appropriate. The library will strive to make materials accessible and attractive to the community.

Community Involvement

The library shall actively identify and respond to the needs of the community, facilitate cooperation among resources available to the town, provide meeting space to encourage the exchange of ideas and make the community aware of the services the library provides.