On Exhibit in the Gallery….

Inuit Influences:
Artwork by Lynne Klemmer.
July 13 to September 13, 2017.

Artist’s Statement:  Inuit (aka Eskimo) art has a spiritual, organic and intrinsically animalistic manner that has resonated with me since making art in college. I love how it captures a childlike quality, the simplicity of form and its essence of the spirit of all things, called inua. Their belief in the liminality between humans and animals has kindled a powerful abundance of imagery in the forms of animals, shamans and the act of transformation.

The series Inuit Influences has been on-going for over 8 years. I reinterpret Inuit art images into contemporary, highly color saturated, textual paintings using a wide variety of mediums on paper. Off shoot sub-series in the past include a mother/baby theme called Amautik using a child-carry parka hood. In the last two years I have added influences from some favorite artists such as Alexander Calder, Edward
Munch and Adolph Gottlieb. I am working towards layering, blending and merging diverse imagery and concepts with a goal of maintaining a certain joie de vivre all the while pursuing a quest for increased abstraction.

Author: rcallaghan